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> > > > > > The Big Kit (Unassembled) (KR3002-02)

Orders for thermoplastics (Worbla, Wonderflex, etc) usually take 3 to 6 business days for delivery to most locations in North America.

The Big Kit (Unassembled)

ORM-D: Due to postal safety regulations, this item can only be shipped within the continental USA and Canada. CANNOT be shipped Express or overseas.

This kit contains everything you need to create standard, character, or elaborate fantasy makeup. Cream foundation, Aquacolor Wet Makeup, and cake makeup in our most popular skin tones, as well as face painting, clown, fantasy, and special effects items. A Kryolan makeup manual with instructions on how to use all the products is included. Everything comes packed in Kryolan's four-shelf aluminum-look makeup case.

The following items come in the Professional Stage kit.


6 - Ultra-Foundation (Creme Based)

6 - Aquacolor Wet Makeup (Water Based)

2 - Cake Makeup (Pressed Powder)

For Makeup Detail Work

1 - Aquacolor 6-color Palette w/ Highlight & Shadow

4 - Eyebrow pencils

1 - 6-color Interference Wheel

1 - 5-color Lipstick Wheel

1 - 6-color Rouge & Shadow Palette

1 - Cake Mascara

2 - Pressed Eyeshadows

For Special Effects

1 - 4oz Liquid Latex

1 - 1oz F/X Blood

1 - 1.75oz Fresh Scab & Scratch

1 - 6-color Bruise Wheel

1 - Latex Bald Pate

1 - 0.5 fl oz Spirit Gum

1 - 0.5 fl oz Watersoluble Spirit Gum

1 - 4 fl oz Spirit Gum Remover

3 - 1ft Wool-Crepe Hair

1 - Cold Foam Nose

2 - Tooth Enamel

1 - 1oz F/X Wax

Clown & Face Painting

1 - Clown White

1 - 6-color Aquacolor Palette w/ bright colors, sponge, and brush

1 - Glitter Cream

Brushes & Sponges

10 - Makeup Brushes, various sizes

1 - Round Contour Brush

3 - Synthetic Makeup Sponges

1 - Stipple Sponge

1 - Fine Pore Stipple Sponge

1 - Pre-Cut Latex Sponge Wedges

Finishing Touches, etc.

1 - Translucent Setting Powder

1 - 4 fl oz Hydro Makeup Remover

1 - Eyelash set w/ adhesive

1 - Color Hair Spray

1 - Makeup Manual

1 - Full set of Kryolan Catalogs

1 - Aluminum Makeup Case

The Big Kit is also available in Beauty and Triage configurations which hold more and greater variety of more specialized items (ie. The Beauty kit contains more foundations, eyeshadows, and rouges while the Triage kit contains more items useful for simulating wounds).

The Beauty kit contains a makeup case with a variety of brushes, lip and eye pencils, eyeliner, mascara, eyelashes and adhesive, foundations, powder, sponges, as well as lip, eyeshadow and blush palettes.

The Triage kit contains a makeup case with a variety of brushes and tools, Supracolor palette, a variety of wound effect prosthetics, blood products, adhesives and removers, various skin and wound effects gels, eyebrow plastic, FX colour wheels, powders, liquid latex, tooth enamel and fixier spray.

The exact colours and sizes may vary depending on availability.

This item is considered hazardous by shipping companies. Express (air) and overseas shipping may be restricted.


USD $563.00

Shipping: Calculated in the Shopping Cart

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