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Graftobian Make-Up Co. established in 1978, is a manufacturer and distributor of virtually every type of make-up. DISGUISE STIX® Face Painting Make-Up, Color and Glitter Hairsprays and Gels, Graftobian Theatrical® Make-Up and accessories for stage, TV, film, special effects, etc. and most recently Graftobian Glamour Make-Up and Hi-Def Make-up for TV, Film and Print Media Beauty and Fashion work.

Face Powder, Loose Powder, Setting Powder, all mean the same thing; they are used to set creme based make-up to keep it from smearing and from shining.

Powder is typically applied with a powder puff and excess powder remaining on the skin is often wisked away using a Powder brush. (Both tools may be found under Brushes, Puffs, etc.)

Clown White Face Powder is generally used over solid white creme based make-up such as a white faced clown would create. The application of the Clown White powder enhances the Clown White make-up to help even or fill in any inconsistency that may exist.

Skin Tone Light and Skin Tone Dark are used to set normal straight make-ups on theatrical actors and actors for TV & Film. Translucent powder is used whenever bright colors need to be set so as not to dull the colors with the pigment found in the skin tone shades or in the clown white powder.

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