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Home > Line > Pleaser > Springolator Line > SOL-801-O

The Springolator collection features a "Magic Cling" elastic band in the middle of the leather insole that creates tension between the shoe and the bottom of the foot. The extraordinary "sticking power" afforded by this feature allows the wearer to keep the shoes comfortably and securely on the foot. This feature reduces the chances of shoes slipping off or making disruptive clacking sounds while walking on the floor or dancing on a stage.

Pleaser USA recently conducted a pre-launch market test for the "Springolators" shoes with exotic dancers from local clubs, and the style was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Among the comments made by participants were: "What a relief it is to be able to wear our favourite style of shoes without the worry of them slipping off!" "The arch support is unbelievable. It's like stepping on a spring."

In addition to the magnet-like feature described above, Pleaser's "Springolators" collection also features a leather-covered insole that allows for easy cleaning, a padded inner sole for extra arch support, and a raised toe bar for maximum traction.

US $79.00 US $79.00    

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