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Home > Craft Materials > Beads & Crystals > Swarovski Crystals > Swarovski Fancy Stones > 4470 - Rounded Square

Orders for thermoplastics (Worbla, Wonderflex, etc) usually take 3 to 6 business days for delivery to most locations in North America.

Canadian orders would NOT be affected in the event of a postal strike.

Delivery by Halloween is NOT guaranteed at this time.

(2 products) US $87.62
Price per 12 pieces
US $79.54
Price per 12 pieces
US $87.62
Price per 12 pieces
US $91.38
Price per 12 pieces
US $87.62
Price per 12 pieces
US $79.54
Price per 12 pieces
US $87.62
Price per 12 pieces
US $87.62
Price per 12 pieces
US $91.38
Price per 12 pieces

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