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Holiday Wreath Necklace

by Thanh Tran


Product Number


Tool #


10 pieces 27750001197208 Swarovski 5000 bead round-4mm- Siam 74527310 Micro Chain-nose Pliers
24 pieces 34763011025291 Swarovski -Bicone drop-6mm- Fern Green 74527301 Round nose Pliers
1 piece 27755001011208 Swarovski round drop bead 9mm  - Siam 74527320 Deluxe sidecutter Pliers
6" 74702001-05 Silver plate wire 24ga - non-tarnish silver    
1 piece 22601085 HEAD PINS 1”/25mm (.032) 20ga    
1 piece 96911945610-12 Tierra Cast - BEAD BOW - ANT. SILVER    
16" 74201039 or below Chain silver plate coated - link - 4x2mm    
  96035180 SS.925 CHAIN ROPE 16”    
1 piece 96003052 SS.925 Lobster claw w/j.ring . 3.85x10.2mm    
2 pieces 22801024 or below Jump ring round 4mmod 20ga silver nickel-free/lead free    
  22801026 Jump ring round 6mmod 19ga    


1. String one 4mm round Siam bead on a headpin. Form a loop at the top and cut off any remaining wire.
2. Cut 3/4” of the 24 gauge wire. String the bow bead onto the center of the wire and form a loop at the top of the bow. Loop the bottom piece of wire through the loop at the top of the beaded headpin and form a loop. Cut off remaining wire and set aside.
3. On the remaining piece of wire, string one 4mm round Siam bead & three 6mm Fern Green pendants.
Repeat pattern three times. Add one 4mm round Siam bead and the bow dangle made in steps 1 & 2. Then repeat the above pattern four more times and end with one 4mm Siam bead.
4. Add chain and it's ready to wear!
Length to Completion - 30 minutes
Tip: Another option for the wreath is changing the shades of color in the wreath for example using; 34763011015214- Peridot , or 34763011021236- Hyacinth. Or even using all crystal and crystal AB finishes to make for a sparkling winter wreath necklace.