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Liquid Latex Body Paint


What makes our Latex different?

  • Our Latex is made with FDA approved Ingredients and we are the only Liquid Latex Body Paint company to carry AMMONIA FREE Liquid Latex Face Paint and Body Paint.

  • Our body paints will not stain the skin and the color will not rub off onto your clothing or furniture like other body paints.

  • Used correctly with our Body Prep and Body Clean our paints will not stick to body hair and you can wear it under clothing, and allows for easy removal.

  • Our paints will not sweat off like grease paint.

  • Our paints will last for hours of fun!

  • Our Latex Body paint formulation uses Cosmetic Grade materials which offer the highest quality liquid latex available.

  • This product is great for designing tattoos, costumes and unique outfits, all it takes is a little imagination to create anything!

  • Our products are sold to theater companies, make up artists and night clubs. Cirque Du Soleil uses our product for their performances!
Some examples of use: