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Professional Wheels

Professional Wheels-view 1
Professional Wheels-view 2
Professional Wheels-view 3

Professional Wheels

Ben Nye
Intense pigmentation in a smooth creme formula provide consistent application, blending, versatility and durability. Use these creamy, color-rich pigments to blend on top of skin or latex to create lifelike effects!

Buildable for opacity, or achieve a thin "stain" by blending with several drops of alcohol on a brush. Set with Neutral Set Powder, followed by a light spray of Final Seal for extra durability.

Rainbow Wheel RW CL-29, CL-13, CL-3, CL-5, CL-7, CL-19 Expect 50-240 designs.

Red White & Black RB CL-1, CR-1, CL-29. Expect 25-150 designs.

Monster Wheel MW CL-1, CL-15, CL-17, P-14, P-15, P-16 Expect 30-120 designs.

Death Wheel DW P-21, P-22, P-19, P-17, P-20, P-18 Expect 50-240 designs.

Pro Bruises Wheel EW-1 FX-5, FX-7, FX-11, CL-18 Expect 150-800 designs.

Pro Cuts & Bruises Wheel EW-3 FX-10, CL-14, CL-5, CL-2 Expect 150-800 designs.

Pro Burns & Blister Wheel EW-5 FX-1, FX-4, FX-3, CL-13 Expect 100-500 designs.

Trauma Simulation EW-7 CL-13, FX-5, CL-19 Expect 30-150 designs.

Camouflage Wheel KW CL-11, CL-31, CL-61, CL-28 Expect 30-120 designs.

Bald Cap Stipple Wheel EW-9 CL-21, CL-25, FX-13, MY-2 Expect 60-200 designs.

Master Bruise Wheel EW-4 FX-11, CL-14, FX-5, CL-18, FX-7, CL-5 Expect 100-500 designs.

Bruise & Abrasions Wheel EW-41 CL-6, CL-15, CL-17, CL-131 Expect 100-500 designs.

Zombie Wheel: Goldenrod CL-6, Bruise, Dried Blood, Midnight Violet FX-7 and Steel Grey CL-25 (contouring) and Sallow Green FX-11.

Master Disaster Wheel (for lifelike bruises, burns and wounds): Blue, Dark Crimson, Fresh Cut, Black & Blue, Blood Red, White



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