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Home > Prosthetics > Teeth and Fangs > Foothills Custom Chrome Fangs (CW-J10053)

Foothills Custom Chrome Fangs

Foothills Custom Chrome Fangs


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Looking for Fangs that stand out in low light???

Plated Chrome CUSTOM DESIGNER DRACULA FANGSTM Requested by our customers, now available in plated chrome-silver or gold, at a savings. Both Chrome & Gold Custom Designer Dracula FangsTM have our new exclusive comfort and anchor design, along with our exclusive patented Non-Toxic Custom Fangs Alpha OneTM Thermoplastic application.

Also available in Double Uppers!

All our CUSTOM DESIGNER DRACULA FANGS® are the most comfortable and best wearing vampire fangs that stay fixed in your mouth, so well that you can even enjoy cold beverages and talk easily. Foothills Fangs Dracula Fangs are loved by actors worldwide because of their natural look, and secure fit that enables them to talk easily and naturally.

Both Fangs and Alpha One™ Thermoplastic are non-toxic, and will not harm dental work. However, they are not to be used if you have dental plates, wire work, or wear braces.
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