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> > > Foothills Sexy Devil Bites Doubles (CW-J10064)

Foothills Sexy Devil Bites Doubles

Foothills Sexy Devil Bites Doubles

The Sexy Devil Bites unique curved shape and dramatic sizes are a big hit with men and women; but if you want to go all out, go Doubles. Custom Designer fangs are streamlined for comfort and Double Chambered for superior anchoring! Sexy Devil Bites Doubles are literally the most visually stunning fangs.Follow the instructions and you'll be able to enjoy cold beverages and speak naturally. Your fangs are custom molded onto your teeth with NON-TOXIC ALPHA ONE THERMOPLASTIC (no awful smelling, tasting or mixing of chemicals here!). Sexy Devil Bites Doubles can slip on and off of your teeth easily to instantly look like a vampire!


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