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> > > > > SA-35 Replacement Needle (CW-J20044-N)

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SA-35 Replacement Needle

Always keep a replacement needle handy with your airbrush unit to ensure against accidental damage during routine use, cleaning, or general maintenance. A damaged needle, especially one that becomes hooked or bent on the tip by accidental dropping or incorrect insertion back though the needle path assembly in the airbrush, potentially puts your airbrush out of operation without a serviceable needle. Dropping your airbrush with the needle in it can also cause it to become hooked or bent.Needles should be replaced periodically, and when the nozzle is replaced. Use the nozzle wrench that came exclusively with your SA-35 airbrush to properly remove and replace the needle without damage to the delicate threading. Be careful not to over tighten the nozzle with the wrench, or you can permanently strip out the threading.Your airbrush will not spray properly, or not at all with a damaged needle so it is wise to keep a spare handy at all times, especially when you are on the job. When needles become worn over time through frequent use of the airbrush they eventually will not seat in a closed position properly in the nozzle anymore, and will cause bits of pigment to escape with the air when the trigger is depressed in down position for air. Needles can also become warped or pitted causing roughness in the needle path.


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