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Home > Makeup > Graftobian Theatrical Makeup > Beauty and Theatrical Makeup > Foundations > Creme Foundation > Hi-def Glamour Creme Corrector & Contour/Highlights (CW-J30391)

Hi-def Glamour Creme Corrector & Contour/Highlights
Hi-def Glamour Creme Corrector & Contour/Highlights-view 1

Hi-def Glamour Creme Corrector & Contour/Highlights


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These corrector shades erase and diminish blemishes, and can also be used for discoloration neutralization purposes. Our Hi-Def Glamour Cremes are formulated to yield flawless high definition results whether or not you're in front of a camera. Which rich color, full coverage, and a satin-smooth, creamy consistency, our Hi-Def Glamour Cremes will be your go-to foundation cremes to work with. Many thanks to Mary Erickson for the suggestion that we create these colors!

Corrector Shades
Soft Orange - blue neutralizer
Yellow Hi Lite - Deep Red and Purple Neutralizer
Muted Green - Red Neutralizer
Pink Hi Lite - Counteracts gray or brown
Extra Hi Lite - Light highlight
Red Neutralizer - Neutralizes blue
Soft Orange Neutral II - Deep red and purple neutralizer
Deep Red Neutralizer - Neutralizes deep shades of blue or green
Burnt Orange - Counteracts gray or brown
Deep Muted Green - Red Neutralizer

Highlight Shades
Lady Fair
Sunrise Flush
Yellow Highlight
Soft Orange
Deep Golden Highlight

Contour Shades
Evening Mist
Soft Wisp
Hidden Magic
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