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Home > Makeup > Kryolan Professional Makeup > Special Effects, Character, and Prosthetic Make-Up > Hair Goods & Effects > Cake Mascara Compact With Brush (KR1351)

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Cake Mascara Compact With Brush

Cake Mascara Compact With Brush



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This classic cake mascara comes in a sleek, purse sized compact with mirror and mascara brush. Apply moist (dampen brush/wand then load with product). Also effective for temporary hair coloration, such as whitening temples. (5g 0.15 oz)

When using a common mascara (for instance in a theatre group or from client to client) NEVER share a wand or brush and NEVER place a used wand into the communal source of mascara (always scoop cake mascara onto a palette with a clean, disinfected spatula and throw whatever remains on the palette out afterwards). In this way you can reduce chances of eye infection, due to the bacteria which can sometimes breed in mascara, to a bare minimum.

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