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Home > Prosthetics > Bald Caps > Glatzan Bald Cap (Regular Length) (KR2500)

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Glatzan Bald Cap (Regular Length)

Glatzan Bald Cap (Regular Length)


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A plastic (non-latex) bald cap suitable for film, TV, stage, etc. The advantage of plastic bald caps over rubber caps is that the edges of a plastic cap can be blended with acetone for nearly-invisible seams.

Apply over slicked down hair and adhere to the skin using spirit gum, beginning with the forehead, then the nape of the neck, and finally at the temples and at the ears. When the plastic cap sits correctly, the edges can be smoothed out with thickened latex or Eyelash Adhesive, before make-up is applied. Although any make-up can be used, we particularly recommend special greasepaint for rubber items. As final step, Translucent Powder is carefully applied to the make-up.

Small size is 54-cm or 21.25-inch circumference.
Large size is 57-cm or 22.45-inch circumference.
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