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> > > > > > Artex 2-part Silicone Preparation (KR6560)

Artex 2-part Silicone Preparation

Special-Order: Please allow 2-4 weeks processing time.

Ideal for the creation of three dimensional skin effects such as wounds, scars and burns and for concealing unwanted skin anomalies such as scars.

Application: Carefully mix equal parts (1:1) and apply to the skin. You can create the desired effect immediately after application. The curing process begins after 5-6 minutes. Once the plastic substance has dried, create the desired color design. As soon as the product is set changes are no longer possible. The final effect can be made up with any kind of Kryolan's grease paint or BIC (Art. 8100).

To create a natural complexion mix Flocking (Art. 6080) into Artex. Apply powder to set. Artex remains flexible on the skin and can be removed by simply pulling it off. Artex is odorless. To prevent drying out, be sure to carefully close the container after every use; applying plastic wrap to the surface of the product will help keep out air and prevent drying of the jar.

Store Artex in a cool and dry place. Store only in original packaging container. Additionally, the Artex packaging includes an activator to accelerate the setting process. This is a special effects product, and not a cosmetics item. Keep away from children.

Ingredients: 2 component silicone supplement + activator

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

Price per 2 x 40ml jar
USD $ 25.00

Shipping: Calculated in the Shopping Cart

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