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> > > Worblas Finest Art - Jumbo Sheet - 39.25" x 59" (WORB1)

Worblas Finest Art - Jumbo Sheet - 39.25" x 59"

Worblas Finest Art - Jumbo Sheet - 39.25" x 59"-view 1

Worblas Finest Art - Jumbo Sheet - 39.25" x 59"

Size 100cm x 150cm (39.25" wide x 59" long)

Worbla Finest Art - the thermoplastic modelling material! Use hot air, water or steam (min.90 degrees C) to shape the plastic however you want. The material is heat-formable and solvent-free.

Scraps can be conditioned and 100% re-blended, so there is almost no waste. These leftovers can be molded just like putty. It hardens very fast, is sandable and because of the extra glue on the shiny side, it is very easy to attach several layers. Therefore you can decide to work with more layers right from the beginning, or line thin parts later. Additional components can be attached very easily with no extra glue needed.

Almost everything is possible with this versatile material for creative people! Detailed surfaces and masks, armor and ornaments, replicas of blades or gems plus even costume jewellery, figurines and all kinds of decorations. You can varnish Worbla's Finest Art with all kinds of effect spray-paints and acrylics. A plastic primer or other base coat is often useful to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.

Size 100cm x 150cm (39.25" wide x 59" long)

Please note that Quantity Discount price is per sheet.

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