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Home > Craft Materials > Foam > L200 Cosplay Foam > L200 Cosplay Foam 36x48 1/2 inch BLACK (XL-L200-3648.5B)

L200 Cosplay Foam 36x48 1/2 inch BLACK

L200 Cosplay Foam 36x48 1/2 inch BLACK

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Size: 36 x 48", 1/2 inch thick

L200 foam is a lightweight closed-cell foam commonly used to create costumes, props, and sets for film, TV, and stage. It can be heat formed, sanded, dremeled, stamped, carved etc.

Size listed refers to guaranteed workable area. Foam sheets may come a bit larger than listed measurements, but edges can appear uneven and hardened from manufacturing.

Foam edges may have slight discoloration (yellowing) from storage. Outside edges may have black tooling marks from the factory. These surface imperfections are already taken into account when we measure the area of the foam.

Note: It is normal for L200 to have some dents and creases from being rolled for transit. Application of heat can help smooth these surface imperfections.

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