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Home > Plastics > Tools for Worbla > LED Foam 40x80 1/4" (XL-LD45-4080.25W)

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LED Foam 40x80 1/4"
LED Foam 40x80 1/4"-view 1
LED Foam 40x80 1/4"-view 2

LED Foam 40x80 1/4"

Price per 1 pieces
USD $ 50.00

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Color White

Size: 40 x 80, 1/4 inch thick

LED foam can be heat shaped like regular EVA foam with the added benefit of it being translucent enough to allow light through. Perfect for creating costumes and props that require lighting.

With the use of translucent paints, you can also paint the foam so it looks good even when it isn't lit up.
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