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Home > Craft Materials > Strings and Wires > Silk Threads > Size FF - Diameter 0.381mm > Spool 115 yards (105 metres)

100% pure Silk
Truly the desired thread of Kings and Queens down through the centuries. Silk is the finest natural fiber in the world. This smooth, twisted three ply, 100% pure silk thread has the most luxurious feel and softest sheen of any natural fiber. Our bead cord is extremely supple, yet resistant to stretch and wear. Durable enough to withstand the abrasion of pearls, glass beads, and gemstones. Champion bead cord is plied from pure Chinese long filament silk. Available in cards and spools.

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Dazzle-it Silk Bead Thread Ff (12.8lbs) Brown 115yds
Dazzle-it Silk Bead Thread Ff (12.8lbs) Brown 115yds
  US $12.22

Dazzle-it Silk Bead Thread Ff (12.8lbs) Chestnut 115yds
Dazzle-it Silk Bead Thread Ff (12.8lbs) Chestnut 115yds
  US $12.22


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