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Please see our Tutorials for more information.
During regular service, thermoplastic orders usually arrive within 7 business days to most major population centers.


Wonderflex looks like a piece of plastic, but it becomes soft and malleable when heated. It can be shaped by hand or over a mold while hot. Once it cools down it hardens retaining the shape. It can be re-heated and reshaped as many times as necessary, or worked in sections. It glues to itself if enough pressure is applied. It can be cut with scissors and finished with paint, gluing fabric on top, or any other method. It can be heated with a heat gun, a microwave oven, or dipped in hot water.

Big News: We now offer SMOOTH Wonderflex. All WFLX shipped from now on has a smoother side, making its finishing a lot easer.

HINT: Instead of ordering two of the same size, we suggest going up a size.

Wonderflex Jumbo - 40" x 55"
US $67.00

Wonderflex Large - 43" x 27"
US $44.50

Wonderflex Medium - 21" x 27"
US $28.50

Wonderflex Sample - 10" x 13"
US $18.00

Wonderflex Small - 21" x 13"
US $22.00


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