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Coiling Gizmo Econo Winder 5 Rods Multiple Sizes
  US $41.34

Coiling Gizmo Professional Deluxe
  US $132.82

Craft Paracord Bracelet Maker
  US $44.00

Dazzle-it Bead Counter 4Pc/set Sorting 3mm /4mm/6mm/8mm Beads
  US $19.10

Dazzle-it Bead Spinner/loader Includes(needle) 10cm Diameter
  US $32.38

Dazzle-it Beeswax
  US $5.40
Order in multiples of 3

Dazzle-it Jewelry Cleaner Non-scratch Cloth 8X8in
  US $3.22

Heat Press 9X12 120 Volts
  US $1454.52

Large Bead Loom Kit In Box
  US $26.12
Order in multiples of 4

Protective Eye Glasses One Size Fits All (Safety)
  US $5.32

Ruler - Non Slip 12in
  US $9.92

Silicone Pad 20x20"
  US $347.78

Silicone Transfer Film 24cm wide, per meter
  US $5.70
Price per m

Silicone Transfer Film Approx.12.5"x36"sheet
  US $13.86

Spool Tamer Spool And Tool Rack Plus Tool Rack
  US $86.60

Stop-that-bead 12x10mm - 2Pcs
  US $3.01
Order in multiples of 3

Stop-that-bead 12x10mm Coil Spring Stainless Steel
  US $21.78
Price per 25 pieces

Stop-that-bead Mini Spring Stainless Steel
  US $21.78
Price per 25 pieces

Tacky Bead Mat Transparent 180x120x2.5mm
  US $21.56

Teflon Sheet 40x20"
  US $112.58

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