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Blanket Bag
  US $4.00

Clear Vinyl Dress/Coat Bag
US $3.00

Clear Vinyl Suit Bag
US $3.00

Clover Coin Thimble
  US $14.00

Clover Quick Bias Design & Applique Sheet
  US $7.00

Cummerbund Closure
  US $2.50

Dressmaker Chalk Pencil Set
  US $2.10

Ezy-Hem Gauge
  US $15.00

Fabric Folding Pen
  US $16.00

Heat Transfer Pencil Pink/Burgundy
  US $3.00

Hook and Bar Sets
  US $1.50

Jean Buttons w/Tool
  US $3.49

Parachute Clip - Black
US $1.50

Quilter's No-Melt Pressing Bars
  US $9.00

Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge
  US $35.00

Teflon Iron Press Plate
  US $12.00

Tracing Paper
  US $2.49

Wrap 'n Stay Retractable Tape Measure
  US $9.00


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