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KRYOLAN is a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up, serving theater, film, and television around the globe for more than 50 years. KRYOLAN provides a range of more than 14,000 items, which covers every need any professional make-up artist may have, including fashion, theatrical, and character make-up; face body paint; and special effects make-up and lab supplies.

Regardless of whether your aim is fashion, bridal, or everyday make-up, KRYOLAN offers top quality products in a full range of colors. Professionals are impressed by the astonishing diversity of KRYOLAN preparations and color shades, and by their wonderful contributions to creative, artistic work.

The lips are second only to the eyes as far as drawing attention to the face and if something about the lips is ‘off’, it is immediately noticeable. Also, like the eyes, the possibilities for mixing and matching different looks and make-up techniques are almost endless. KRYOLAN makes sure that nothing is ever ‘off’ about your make-up, by offering a huge variety of lip rouges, pencils, liners, glosses, and shines, in gentle but dependable, long-lasting formulas.

Changing something as relatively simple as lip color can completely change the mood of your make-up from natural to dramatic, demure to erotic. Opaque lip colors usually come in either traditional lipstick form or in flat containers or palettes of lip rouge. They also come in a variety of finishes including matte, pearlized, and metallic. For precision application of product, professionals prefer to apply color with a lip brush. Lipstick should not be shared from person to person – if necessary rub a little color on a clean spatula or fresh cotton swab and load the brush from there. Similarly no “double dipping” into rouge pots – scoop a little color out on a palette or spatula and apply with a clean brush.
If the lips are dry, begin by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly or clear lip balm then blot with a tissue. Lip colors can be used on their own but are usually preceded by outlining the lips in lip pencil, followed by an application of lip color. For long-lasting color, blot the lips on a single ply of facial tissue by “kissing” the tissue rather than “biting” it. This helps absorb the oils in the lips and make-up while letting the color remain. After blotting, reapply lip color then blot again. For a more three dimensional or textured look you may wish to apply lip gloss over top.

TIPS: - Gently powdering after the first application of lip color will help it stay even longer.
- Applying neutral lip pencil as a liner and lightly using it to color in the lips before applying the desired lip color provides a natural looking “base” should your lip color begin to fade during the course of the day (or evening).

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Lip Color Palette Refill, Single Insert
Lip Color Palette Refill, Single Insert
US $7.75

Lip Rouge Mini-Palette
Lip Rouge Mini-Palette
US $51.77

Lip Rouge Palette, 12 colors
Lip Rouge Palette, 12 colors
US $70.80

Lip Rouge Palette, 24 colors
Lip Rouge Palette, 24 colors
US $118.75

Lip Rouge Palette, 6 colors
Lip Rouge Palette, 6 colors
US $39.25

Lip Rouge Set, 5 Colors
Lip Rouge Set, 5 Colors
US $29.75


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