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Home > Craft Materials > Beads & Crystals > Swarovski Crystals > Chaton Roses (Flat Back) > 2028/2058 - Flat Back Round > SS 34

SS 34

Swarovski Chaton Roses 2028 SS34 S Turquoise

 $0.68 US
 $0.84 US
Air Blue Opal 
 $0.72 US
 $0.76 US
Crystal (Silvershade) 
 $1.02 US
Black Diamond 
 $0.84 US
Light Rose 
 $0.84 US
Light Topaz 
 $0.84 US
Light Siam 
 $0.88 US
Fire Opal 
 $0.84 US
Vintage Rose 
 $0.84 US
Light Peach 
 $0.84 US
Crystal (Aurora Borealis) 
 $1.02 US
Crystal (Moonlight) 
 $0.98 US

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