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Default Search Bahaviour

By default all searches are AND searches. For example a search for "shoe dye" will match shoe dyes but not hair dyes or shoes.

All searches are also case-insensitive, meaning that a search for "red gogo boot" and "Red GOGO Boot" will return the same results.

For best results, search for the singular version of a term, ie "wig" not "wigs", and so on.

OR Searching

You can force OR searching by using the "OR" keyword. For example, if you wanted to find shoes and boots, you could search for "shoe OR boot". If you wanted only red footwear, you should search for "red shoe OR red boot".

Restricting Results

If you want to reduce irrelevant results, you can prepend a minus sign (-) to a word, ie "dye -hair" will return only dyes that do not mention hair.

Wildcard Searching

You can use wildcard search by using the asterisk. For example a search for "dance*" will match dance, dancer, and dancewear.

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