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Fabric Sprays
Fabric Sprays
We offer two types of fabric sprays - Stencil Spray and Simply Spray.
Stencil Spray feels like silkscreen when it\\\'s dry, and is best for dark colours and synthetic fabrics as it is completely opaque. Stencil Spray is a thicker paint that should only be used for stenciling. It does not spray in a fine mist, it sprays thick, like a stream, and is meant to spray in a sweeping motion.

Simply Spray
is soft when dry and is more like a spray dye, so works best on light colours and natural fabrics; for best results use on light-coloured 100% cotton. Simply Spray is great for tie-dye and shadow effects but can be stencilled as well.
Prewash and dry fabric to remove sizing.
Cover work area with craft/newspaper.
Read instructions on back of Simply Spray or Stencil Spray.
Practice spraying on a separate piece of fabric or paper before starting your project. (Get used to the feel of the trigger, apply even pressure.)
Cover a piece of cardboard with a paper towel. Always start your spray on this paper towel. Then, while spraying, move onto your project and continue spraying back onto the paper towel before letting go of the trigger. This will avoid any spatter on the project.
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