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Home > Tutorials > Stenciling with Fabric Spray > Step by Step Tutorial

Stencilling with Stencil Spray:
Stenciling with Fabric Spray
What not to do:
Stencilling with Stencil Spray:
Design your pattern; in this case I printed it out from the computer and taped it down to the cardboard I would use for the stencil. Thin cardboard works fine but if you wish to use a stencil more than once, plastic is preferable as the paint can warp the cardboard.
Cut out the pattern carefully with an x-acto knife.
Apply temporary spray adhesive (such as basting spray) to the back of your stencil to secure it and prevent paint running under the stencil. Carefully place stencil onto your fabric and press firmly.
Cover any exposed fabric around the stencil to protect it, and make sure that the work area is protected as well!

Start spraying on a piece of paper towel, then continue using even pressure onto your stencil. The Stencil Spray will come out more like a stream of paint rather than a mist, so don\'t panic! Just make smooth even strokes until the motif is covered evenly. It may look very messy now, but it\'ll be fine once it dries. Wait 5-10 minutes, then carefully remove the stencil and let paint dry for 1 hour.
The finished product! Dry motif is shiny and looks silkscreened.
Stenciling with Fabric Spray
Follow similar steps as above. The Simply Spray comes out more like a mist and will soak into the fabric rather than sitting on top. It is possible to stencil with Simply Spray, but for best results use a paper towel to gently pat extra paint off the top of the stencil immediately after spraying. This reduces bleeding.

For tie-dye effects, swirl, scrunch, twist or fold fabrics and spray with one or more colours. Paint will be dry to the touch in about an hour. Allow to dry thoroughly (72 hours) before washing.
Examples of Tie-Dye:
Shadow Resist:
What not to do:
This photo shows an attempt to use Simply Spray on a stiff synthetic fabric; as you can see the paint has beaded up on the surface instead of soaking in. For fabrics like this, Stencil Spray is the best choice.
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