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Home > Tutorials > Feather Necklace with End Crimps

Feather Necklace with End Crimps

by Carmi Cimicata
Materials used: End crimps, rattail cord, waxed cotton cord, Ladakhi beads, feathers, hook & eye clasp, jump rings
Before the launch of these new End Crimps, I really didn’t give much thought to my necklace or bracelet ends.  I used a traditional wire wrap or end cap to finish off a rat tail or leather cord. Then I was given samples of these decorative end crimps! They are too pretty to hide so they started to become a feature of anything I was working on.
Feather jewelry is all the rage right now, and it's easy to make a fun and fashionable necklace using decorative end crimps.
After using one 3mm Clover end crimp to attach all three feathers I planned out the necklace.  I gathered some rat tail and waxed cotton cord.
The end crimps make it so easy to create a finished edge.  It is ready to use immediately; just squeeze with pliers and add a dab of glue for security if you like.
All I needed was a few jump rings and these lovely new hook and loop pewter clasps.
My clover end cap is now holding the feathers in place between two Ladhaki beads.