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Fosshape Tutorial Part 2

Part 1

How to build a Renaissance Headdress

Fantasy Headdresses

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How to build a Renaissance Headdress

For this Renaissance headdress, a rough pattern is developed over a balloon taped to a head block.
The pattern is then transferred to and cut from Fosshape.
The fosshape is sewn together. It is best to use a small, tight stitch and to trim the seams very close. This way, what direction the seams lay on the inside is of no concern.
Because the shape of the headdress is smaller at the head circumference than at its crown it cannot be fit back over the same balloon that was used for patterning. A second balloon is blown-up inside the sewn fosshape.
Knot off the balloon when it has reached the size of the balloon over which the pattern was created. Position the headdress on a head block and pin it in place. Pay specific attention to the angle that you want. Check the headdress side to side and front to back.

Steam the fosshape as described in previous demonstration. Remember that if you are going to dye the hat, you must leave it on the form and that the form must be covered with plastic.
The headdress is now ready to be dyed or wired and finished by your preferred method.

The finished Renaissance Headdress, dyed, wired and trimmed.

Fantasy Headdresses

Fosshape is ideal for fantasy headdresses of all types. For this headdress, veins in a leaf pattern are sewn into the fosshape which is then stitched by hand over an armature atop a skullcap and then steamed, trimmed and painted.
For this hat a variation on the traditional top hat shape provides a bit of whimsy.

The same pattern shape is used and an additional foam core disc with a styrofoam spacer creates the shape.

Photo Gallery for Inspiration