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Home > Tutorials > Kumihimo with Decorative Cords

Kumihimo with Fun Yarn and Metallic Cord

by Carmi Cimicata
Kumihimo braiding is very versatile; you can achieve all sorts of different effects by experimenting with unusual cords!
This kumihimo necklace is actually made up of two braids twisted around each other.
I made the cord with three different stringing materials; rattail, cotton wax cord in both pink and teal, and tufted yarn I found in a specialty shop.  I was curious to see if I could incorporate the decorative yarn into a kumihimo cord and maintain the tufts on each little branch.
This was surprisingly easy to do on my kumihimo round disk I just made sure that each “branch” was free of the braid as I worked.
I also discovered that it is fun to create my own end caps with filigree bead caps.   A Bronze Bell Cap is a great component to wrap around thicker cord or two cords like I attached for this necklace. I use a plier to flatten the component around the cord
I used heart shaped fancy toggles to finish the necklace.
For a different look, try metallic craft cord!

If I had to give you a recipe for this cord it would be: Take 3 colours of rattail, add one length of hemp cord and for the icing use metallic craft cord.

I added in some Metallic cord and I really like how my braid looks like I sprinkled glitter onto it.
My glass pin is the inspiration for the colour groupings!
Kumihimo cords are perfect for the summer because they are very lightweight.  Hope you are enjoying our kumihimo experiments!