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Mesh Tubing Bracelet or Fascinator

Materials:  Mesh tubing in Large and Mini sizes (or your own combination), strong thread, needle, hot glue, large-hole beads, smaller-hole beads, pin finding or headband
Mesh tubing is great for creating funky and visually interesting accessories!  Here we're making a looped ornament that can be worn as a brooch or hair fascinator.
Start with the larger tubing; squish the ends so you can get them through the holes of your large-hole beads.  You can add as few or as many beads as suits your design.
Begin to arrange the tubing in loops.  Secure each loop by sewing through the connection point with strong thread.  Check your arrangement from time to time, and thread more beads onto the tubing as you go.
Finished making the loops for the large tubing.
Add some narrow tubing as accent in the same manner.

Trim the ends of your tubing close to the central knot, and secure the raw edges with a dab of hot glue.

Now using the needle and thread, stitch loops of beads to decorate the centre.  The choice of beads is up to you; here we're using iridescent rosebud beads, gold oval pearls and round white pearls.

Your piece is now ready for attachment - glue on a pin back for a brooch, or attach to a headband or hairclip for a fascinator!