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Home > Tutorials > Metal Washers for Unique Jewellery

Metal Washers for Unique Jewellery

by Carmi Cimicata and Nancy Donaldson
Materials:  Metal Complex blanks and washers, hole punch, 18 gauge aluminum wire, beads (optional), jump rings, chain
You may have wondered 'what on earth can I do with those blanks/washers', or simply didn't notice them.  But they're remarkably versatile!
Using your hole punch, you can turn these washers into a new kind of bead, to be incorporated into all sorts of designs (using jump rings, for example).

Wire wrapping makes them even more interesting!  Experiment with colours, arrangements and shapes to create something truly unique!

Here we have lined the holes up and threaded the wire through the holes, securing the washers in place so they don't slide around and rotate.

You can even wrap them without punching holes, as shown here with 18 and 12 gauge wire: