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Peel n' Stick Jewels Tutorial

by Rebecca McKenzie from The Lux Girls
Tools:  backing fabric, hot glue, scissors, bra, sewing pins

Peel and Stick Resin Jewels are available in the following sizes and colours:

4mm Round: Crystal

4mm Square:  Crystal, Black, Black Diamond, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise

6mm Square: Crystal, Black

6mm Round: Crystal


Peel and Stick Resin Jewels are mainly used for covering hard surfaces such as cell phones to give them a rhinestone coated look. The backing peels very easily and the resin 'jewels' are very shiny and more durable than an actual stone. I wanted to see if I could use this material on fabric.

I am making a heart bra for a Valentine costume. The red glitter heart will be on the front of the bra.

When my sheet of Peel and Stick Resin arrived in the mail, it was ice cold. To avoid snapping it, I let it warm up to room temperature on a flat surface. After a couple of minutes, it became very flexible.
I traced out the shape I want my resin heart to be on durable fabric first.
I cut out the shape to cover the back of the resin, so the glue isn't directly on skin.
Then I traced the same shape on the back of the sheet of Peel and Stick Resin with a marker.
I easily cut out the shape with household scissors. I would recommend using craft scissors since you are cutting through a glue backing and it might leave a little residue on your blades.
I use a glue gun to glue the fabric backing to the bra first.
I then peel the protective plastic backing off the Peel and Stick Resin.
Although the glue already on the back of the sheet is very good, for fabric I would need something extra durable. I use a glue gun to stick the center of my shape to the fabric backing on the bra.
I then push the center of the heart shape, where the hot glue is, onto the bra, holding it there for a minute to make sure it cools. This will anchor my shape and I will be able to glue it on the curved bra a bit at a time.
I squeeze some hot glue between the resin shape and the fabric backing and then push the two pieces together, eventually covering it completely.
Where the bra cups are round, there needs to be a dart to make the shape conform. Since the Peel and Stick Resin is so easy to cut into and so flexible, I make a cut into the shape - just like you would for fabric and fold it over on itself to make a cone type shape.  This is then glued together.
The finished costume!
This was very easy to do and when onstage, this piece was unbelievably shiny. It hardened even more over time and felt like a part of a corset. You could easily cut each piece of a corset out and cover one with these sheets of resin, it would look amazing.