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Shamballa Bracelet

by Carmi Cimicata
Materials: Rattail, waxed or leather cord, 12mm rhinestone beads or other beads of your choice, clasp
Tools: Clipboard, lighter (for rattail)
It seems as though everyone is sporting a knotted bracelet these days.  The “shamballa bracelet” is the reference I have been seeing in fashion articles.  I found in my research that shamballa can be spelled differently and for some people has a symbolic or religious meaning.  For others, the bracelet is a series of Chinese or macrame knots with no symbolism.
All you need is some cord/string and some interesting beads.  AND…you need to know how to do a square knot.  I just learned how to make that knot yesterday!
What type of cord you choose is up to you.  For your anchor cord (the one that you thread the beads onto) it can be easier to use a thin cord.  For the pink bracelet I used the Dazzle-It strawberry pink rattail 1.5mm and pink 1mm cotton wax cordI needed the thinner wax cord so it would be easier to string my fabulous rhinestone beads.
The choice to work in pink was my own.  Spring is here and I need a brighter bracelet to wear!  There are so many colours in the rattail line though!
It works best if you secure your cords using a clipboard or similar clip, so you can keep tension on the base cord as you knot.  The centre (anchor) cord is the one you knot around, and the one on which you string your beads. 
To secure your bead, string the bead onto the anchor cord, bring the knotting cords around either side and then continue knotting.
Close-up of the knotting.
I even tried a special technique of adding these knots to my bracelet as a sliding closure, by feeding the cords through the centre and knotting around them.  You can also attach a standard clasp if you prefer.
To finish my cord ends I have been using a little flame from my lighter.  It makes the ends look finished, but will only work on synthetic materials such as the rattail.
A version with leather cord and a rhinestone clasp.