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Swarovski Snowman Dangle Bookmark

by Thanh Tran
Make a cute sparkling snowman charm, complete with scarf and hat!


Product Number


Tool #


1 piece 26035998 Bookmark Zig Zag 15.5cm Gunmetal 74527300 Chain-nose Pliers
2 pieces 27801487-10s Glass Dagger Bead Yellow/Red 74527301 Round nose Pliers
1 piece 22601089 Head Pin 2” 20ga Gunmetal 74527320 Deluxe sidecutter Pliers
1 piece 27750031036001 SWAROVSKI Brio Round 16mm Crystal AB    
1 piece 27750031028001 SWAROVSKI Brio Round 12mm Crystal AB    
1 piece 27756011279280 SWAROVSKI Cube 6mm Jet AB    
1 piece 96990945632-12 T.C. Link Beaded Circle 9mm Antique Silver    


1. String onto one Gunmetal headpin, one 16mm round Crystal AB bead, 2 Glass Dagger beads, one 12mm round Crystal AB bead, one T.C Link beaded circle, one 6mm Jet AB cube bead.
2. Turn a small loop at the end of the Gunmetal headpin.
3. Open the jumpring on the bookmark and attach the Gunmetal headpin loop.
4. Close jumpring to finish.
Length to Completion - 15 minutes
You could also use this charm for earrings or a charm bracelet!