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Home > Tutorials > Tila 2-Hole Beads Checkered Necklace

TILA Beads - Checkered Flower Necklace

Source: Miyuki Co. Ltd.
Finished size:  About 85cm (33.5 in)
Materials:  Miyuki Tila beads, 15/0 seed beads, fire-polished beads, plexi/acrylic cut beads, twisted bugle beads, square beads, round glass beads, nylon beading thread, eye pins, oval jump rings
Tools: Scissors, Ruler, Pliers, Round-nose pliers

1. Use eight 60cm (23.6") lengths of nylon beading thread to make 8 square motifs:

String 15/0 seed beads and TILA beads from the star to the end of each motif (before stringing oval jump ring, close it tightly).  Tighten the thread and knot twice.  Pass the excess through 2 or 3 beads, then cut off.  Repeat to create 7 more pieces in the same way.

2. String beads onto eye pins to make [A] to [F].
3. Connect the square motifs and beaded eye pins together as shown. 
Try it in various colour schemes!