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Wire Wrappers - Project Ideas

by Carmi Cimicata
The new Artistic Wire wrappers have grooves, making wire wrapping a very simple technique.  No skills required!
These new wrappers are like mini blank canvases for jewelers.  There are endless ways to use them and they can become a wonderful addition to any of your design ideas.
Here we have sapphire firepolish beads added to a wrapper to make a sparkling dangle addition to a handmade wirework pendant.  Just imagine using these wrappers as extra matching charms or for a pair of earrings!
These Swarovski Elements luminous green crystals seemed to belong with the Hexagon wrappers.
The crystals are strung onto the wire and then are safely “caged” just by simply wrapping wire.  You can see how the outer edge grooves make this super easy to accomplish.  I tried several different ways to wrap the crystals from many wraps to just two.
This marquee wrapper shape is so interesting!  I knew that I finally had something great to use my coral/marble beads with.
The wrappers can also be used as bezels for custom pendants, using Apoxie Sculpt clay!
Working on a non stick surface, I pushed some white clay into place.
I gathered some PRECIOSA M.C.CHATON diamond back crystals, a cameo from my collection and a few Rose peach SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS  butterflies.
The wrappers are now solid. You could wrap wire around them if you like, or leave as-is.